Draw and Paint Fun 


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  Besides writing, my favorite hobby is drawing. I will draw on wood, plastic, glass, card stock,  canvas, rocks, walls, anything that has a hard enough surface. 

I went through a period of drawing vampires, wolves, Chinese type images, art deco style, abstract, and realism. I just love to draw and create something that is my own. My recent images include some of the following. 


Graveyard Walk

I walk today in the setting sun. 

Late fall leaves race ahead of me. 

Trees sway and dance for fun. 

Laughing at me when I want to run. 

The headstone stares out. 

Stark against the sun. 

The shadows play around me. 

Crawling toward the stones. 

Reaching out to grab me. 

But where will I run?

Life has ended with forgotten time. 

Tears long forgotten with forgotten lives. 

They all sleep under the sun. 


Stupid Talk

Tell me about you, he said. 

I replied I’m just an average Jo. 

What do you do?  he said. 

It depends I replied. 

I draw. But on a saw. 

I sew. But I get no dough. 

I sleep. But I don’t reap. 

I eat. But not in the street. 

I cry. But I don’t know why. 

I scream. But only in my dream. 

I laugh. But not at the calf. 

I love. But own no dove. 

I live. But can’t give. 

I buy. But do not know why. 

I lie. But don’t want to die. 

I talk. But I have no chalk. 

I read. But I have no beads. 

I write. But I can’t cite. 

Why do you need to know?

Who are you? 

Just an average Jo. 


Crazy Pain

Today the crazies arrived. I tried to stop them at the door, but in they came.  

“What do you want?” I asked.  But they stood there staring at me. My body shook. I was afraid. The seizures came. 

“Get out!” I screamed. But they did not listen. 
“I can’t deal with you right now.”

“You have to leave…leave….me….alone.” But they did not listen. They took up residence and stayed.  The more I screamed; the more they came. 

I called for help, but no one came. My belief was  there, but I felt ashamed. 

When did the crazies arrive?  Why did they come?  I am embarrassed that they are here. I am so ashamed. My body shakes, the seizures make me cry inside my mind I scream in pain. 

God help me. I screamed in pain. Help me, please help me get through the pain. My mind twists all I see. I am afraid. I want to be strong, but I am not; so I am so ashamed. 

I failed to stand tall. I was weak and ashamed. My body did not listen. I shook in pain. God help me be strong. Help me not be afraid. Please in Jesus name. Take the seizure away. Heal me anew. Remove the fear. Remove the shame. Help me stand. Help my head to hold strong. Help my eyes be on you. Not the crazies again. Help me to stand. I love you. Take the pain. 


Fairies are Real

Many people around the globe believe fairies are real. This belief has existed for all our recorded and, according to folklore, unrecorded history. Countries around the world have had similar stories of fairies, yet their cultures vary dramatically.  I personally am not so egotistical to believe humans know everything in this universe. Do fairies exist today? If they do, I have not met one, but if they do, they hide quite well like Bigfoot. 

I enjoy fairy tales because I view them as make believe. Fairies, pixies, gnomes, sprites, mermaids, or brownies possibly existed thousands of years ago, but I can’t imagine our polluted world with them in it. With our constant pollution filtering into the earth, they would have died out. BUT imagine…imagine a world full of the fairy folk. Imagine a world so unlike you have today that it is hard to put to words. It gets my mind moving into thousands of directions at once. Your  imagination is the only thing that prevents you from creating with words a world of your own. 

If you enjoy reading fairy tales, you will enjoy exploring tales from around the world.  If you want a good list of mythical creatures look at http://www.mythicalcreatureslist.com. They have the biggest list I have found in one place. But, back to fairies. 

My book I have written is about fairies and pixies. Thus, I researched many sites to come up with ideas for use in the book. I never knew so many countries had stories about fairies. Most people think of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and even the Isles of Men with stories of fairies, but stories of fairy creatures exist in other countries as well. 

There were more countries than I imagined with fairy stories. Besides Britain–Spain, Germany, and France having many stories of fairies.  Greece joins Portugal, Philippines, Africa, South America, India, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Turkey, Sweden, China, and Japan. Even Hawaii, Alaska, and the Native Americans have stories of fairies. The truth is, it’s hard to find a country that does not have stories of some type of fairy creature.  Check out all the great countries and explore their fairy lore. See what you cando to create a wild story of your own. 

Here is a good list for fairy research. from around the world (http://frankelassociates.com/calithwain/fairies_around_the_world.htm.)

Some websites include:

1. eFairies.com: Fairy Lore (a listing of fey from all over the world): http://www.efairies.com/fairy_lore.htm.

2. The Internet Sacred Text Archive (has all the world’s holy books and many tale collections): http://sacred-texts.com.

3. List of Legendary Creatures (from Wikipedia): http://www.eons.com/uploads/8/4/84540104_List_of%20legendary%20creature-clean.doc 

3. Marie Brennan’s List of Multicultural Fantasy Novelizations: http://www.swantower.com/marie/misc/settings.html.

5. Nin Harris, “The Myths, Folklore and Legends of South East Asia: An Annotated List.” http://www.cabinetdesfees.com/2010/the-myths-folklore-and-legends-of-south-east-asia-an-annotated-list/.

4. Sur La Lune Fairy Tales (online fairy tale collections from all over the world): http://surlalunefairytales.com.


The Celts

Centuries before the Roman Empire, the Celts occupied Northern Europe. Their religious beliefs were not totally dissolved but were combined with Christianity and incorporated. Most scholars believe the church chose many of its holidays based on previous holidays celebrated in local areas. This allowed everyone in the local areas to worship their forefather’s Gods and declare themselves Christians as well. 

According to World Mythology printed by Parragon in 2011, it is now believed that the peoples of Western Europe gradually adopted the Celtic characteristics. The Celts lived in chiefdoms and extended families.  Even though they were not a huge nationality, they dominated society for around 500 years. They were driven from Europe by the Romans to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and southwest England and even into northern France. 

The view most today have of the Celts as barbarians who performed human sacrifices was perpetrated by the Romans when they conquered them. With no written language and only word of mouth to go by, we have little way of gaining truth. According to World Mythology, archeologist have found evidence of an intelligent, wealthy society. 

The Irish and Welsh did record down local stories in post-Roman times. These records, with the archeologist finds, lead us to many mythological traditions. Including stories of King Arthur’s court and many other romances. 

I find all the beliefs of previous societies and current beliefs fascinating. One specific area of interest of mine is medieval beliefs. The Celts were a powerful intelligent society, but with a disconnected government. This disconnect may have led to their downfall. 


Eve in the Garden 

This is Eve. According to the Bible in Genesis 3:1 the Serpant, who was the shrewdest of all the wild animals, ask the woman, “Did God really say you can’t eat from the fruit from any trees in the garden?

So why would he ask her that when he knew the answer already? He just formed the basis of doubting herself and doubting God’s Word and his goodness. He implied God was stingy and didn’t want to share. He made her question her place in the garden. 

God gave them plenty of blessings, but the serpant made her question it all. Why did God forbid them from eating of the tree? I can imagine her  starting to think about it and doubting God. 

She couldn’t get the thoughts out of her head. Everywhere she looked, everything she did reminded her they couldn’t eat of the tree. Soon, she became discouraged. She started looking at problems, not blessings. 

The next thing the serpant did was cause diversion. She couldn’t get the picture of the luscious fruit out of her head. She started wanting the wrong things. BUT God says obedience and knowing what not to do is real freedom. 

The serpant also made her feel defeated. She felt she had failed. He also wanted to delay Adam and Eve. If he could delay them and get th focused on themselves and forsake God, they would never do what God had planned for them. 

We do the same thing. We start doubting God’s word and his goodness. We spend all our time looking at the problems, which leads to discouragement. We start to feel like failures and quit trying. Then we put off things and they never get done. 

Satan has caused doubt, he filled us with discouragement, then caused a division between us and God, we then feel defeated, and we keep delaying acting. 

Temptation was placed in front of her causing desire for something that was off limits. We sometimes lose sight of the plan God has for our lives. If we really want to become like God, our goal should be to reflect his characteristics and recognize his place in our life. We have to be careful to not leave God out of our plans. If we get discouraged, it spreads like a virus in the wind to those around us. We may not understand Gods plans or the reasons for them, but we must choose obedience. Satan will do anything to defeat us. Center yourself in God.