Hello World

Two of my life’s passions have been writing and illustrating. I love writing for fun and want to take it to the next step. I currently have three books started both are Fantasy Fiction. Another book I started was about eating healthy.

Book One

The first book is about a werewolf family and includes some very brief historical data from the civil war. IT is the beginning of a series. It starts with a historical referenced to a leader that was very brutal and known for multiple slaughters during the civil war. I took historical data and used it and entwined it in the story and created an entire story line around it. It joins two families and their struggles against past pain, prejudice, love, revenge, and adventure. It moves from the Midwest America to Eastern America. It has been fun writing it. I am about half of the way through. This is more of an adult fantasy fiction book.

Book Two

The second book I am writing is about the fae. It is the beginning of a series as well. It is for young adults and starts with a girl that is still in high school and her adventures and misadventures. It has been fun writing all the constant adventures that befall her. The only accurate information I included so far was about a national park and a specific highway in the U.S. Since I only have 9000 words, I have much work to do.

Book Three

This eating healthy book combines many healthy lifestyle changes, keeping journals, documenting changes, web application suggestions, and healthy recipes for diabetics, heart disease, low fat, and low cholesterol. There were a few copies printed for family members. I used this book to boost my own search for healthy living. About 60 percent of my family have diabetes, about 50 percent have heart disease, and about 70 percent have high blood pressure. These concerns have brought me forward to face getting older, aging, being overweight, losing family to illness, and trying to survive successfully and gracefully.

Another passion is illustration with paper, pen, pencil colors, oil pastels, acrylic, water color, mixed media of any kind on glass, wood, canvas, or paper. I have almost enough for a show, but I need to finish a few more pieces to have an art show. My pieces incorporate nature, birds, animals, people, fantasy, and Chinese-style artwork. I create many by hand but also have an excellent grasp of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Web, and Animation.

Anything you enjoy can be written if you have fun with it. I am currently working on a new Website that combines my Art and Writing.

More information coming!



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