I believe if you want to learn, you can learn. Keep digging out the facts. I did not grow up with a computer, but started learned to use one in 1985. Computers then were purely DOS based computer systems. Even my children learned on DOS. If you don’t have a computer, go back to books, talk to people who work in the area that you are interested in, take notes, then  see if you can volunteer for one day in a company in your field, or even do job shadowing in an area you enjoy. Go through a phone book and start calling companies. Walk in the company dressed better than they require and end with asking about job openings. 

Keep learning all you can even when you think you are done. 

I thank my mother and father for their desire to learn. You don’t have to have a college degree to learn, that’s just the direction I went. I know many people who are self taught, learned under an elder, or have pushed themselves to keep learning. 

Challenge Yourself  

I am retired and now I like to write, write poetry, draw, and create new and unique art pieces. 

Be happy with what you do. I want to keep writing and using my skills to learn more. Who knows what I can be by the time I give up the ghost and go dancing in the wind. Life is Good!


All rights reserved. Copyright 2015


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