Why do I Write


 Why do I Write

I write because it expresses an explosion of senses within me. Writing fulfills a desire within me to create verse, stories, and express my wild imagination. I am fascinated by fantasy and possibilities. What could be?  What is in the universe that is not known? What if? 

Where do I Write

 I like writing in my favorite chair, on the bed before sleep, on the porch, or at the kitchen table. Beside me is a glass of iced green tea or hot flavored tea. Sometimes it requires a pot of coffee as well. Breaks are also needed to give my mind a break. 

My Environment

Sometimes I have the TV on a lower volume while I am writing. I most enjoy nature shows. I don’t usually listen to the radio. Eventually, all is quiet when I get down to writing. I like having something near me at night so if I think of something in my sleep, I can get up and write. I am working on getting a better schedule for writing. I also keep my drawing tablet, board, or pens and pencils near when my creative juices are flowing. There’s nothing like nature to make me creative. I love sitting on my sister’s back porch watching all the humming birds, fenches, thrush, red birds, blue birds, and God’s creatures. This always builds up my imagination when I have stopped writing a few days. Going back to nature makes me smile and my soul sing. 

What are your writing habits?

I have been working on regulating my Writing. Recovering “I hope”from illness has motivated me to do better and has increased the amount I have been writing. 

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?

I use my laptop for big writing projects. Some writing and blogging I do on my iPhone. I have WordPress on my phone and a few other word programs, links for bibliography information, phrases, and sites on writing. On my laptop I have Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite. I use them both frequently. 


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