We can all regret choices we have made and live in regret, fear, anguish, anger, and even depression. The truth is the past is over. No one can undo it. There are no redo’s!  Each of us are responsible for our on lives not another adult’s choices. We have to make a choice to live with NO REGRETS. We must forgive ourselves. 

Everything we do can cause regret. Most of that is from our perception. Understand that life happens to us all-good and bad. Every day we wake, make choices, choose to smile, forgive, love, give charity to others, be productive. 

I believe we need to forgive ourselves first. If we do, we can then forgive others. 

Practice looking in the mirror and see if you can smile at yourself. What do you like about what you see? Do you like your eyes? Your hair? Your body? 

Keep a journal. Begin the journal with a list of ten genuine things you like about yourself. Each evening write down something positive or “good” you did today. If it was just a horrible day, you can still be positive. You can also make a list like the following. 

Ten Good things that happened today. 

  1. I woke up with no headache. 
  2. The dogs let me sleep an extra hour. 
  3. I ate a healthy breakfast. 
  4. I did some leg lifts. 
  5. I saw beautiful hummingbirds. 
  6. I had a good visit with my sister. 
  7. I worked in WordPress on my blog. 
  8. I prayed and read the Bible. 
  9. I completed stage four of my cougar illustration. 
  10. He forgave me; therefore, I forgive myself.

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