Treasure the Elder

easter marlin milliken headley
How many people reading this have elders in there family they never get a chance to see? Maybe you have an elder that is in the midst of getting older and forgetting things. Take the time to treasure the Elder. 
How many of the elder sat by the fire telling stories of previous times? Being one of the youngest siblings in a large family can leave you overwhelmed. As you watch your storytellers go to the place in the sky, flying wings on high, your life is a little less blessed. 
Most of my storytellers are gone. All were the great family storytellers. I grew up blessed to be surrounded by them. Stories from the turn of the twentieth century, the depression, War War I and II, their life as children in a world before TV and electronics. A war-ravaged world filled with poverty, death, or on the other hand, simple living. 
Suppers were around a table full of family. Parents and children bound together by love. The simple pleasure of living in an environment where bread was cooked at home, food came in canning jars everyone helped to create, meat came from the farm, or rarely a store. 
Entertainment was reading a book aloud while mom crocheted or knitted. Guitars, pianos, harmonicas, fiddles, mandolins, banjos, and pianos were around to spur music to the forefront. 
On a hot day children jumped into the creek by swinging from a tree. They may have played out of doors until after dark playing hide and seek, red rover, or baseball. Children learned early how to fish, hunt, and use a gun or bow and arrow. School was let out earlier in the spring so children could work in the fields. Walking to school was the norm. 

Did I say my siblings could tell those stories? Well, so can I.

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