Letter to Self

Dear Self, 

Anger will get you no where. 

Get over it.

You can’t redo the past. 

You can’t bring someone back from the grave. 

You are not alone. 

Yes, your family still loves you. 

Believe in yourself.

You can do great things. 

Take each day one at a time.

Watch who you trust. 

Pray for guidance in your decisions. 

Walk with confidence that you are worthy.

Believe in love, charity, faith. 

B. E. L. I. E. V. E. 

B = Bravery When Facing Change

E = Enthusiasm Your Vocation

L = Love for Family and Friends 

I = Investing in Yourself

E = Eagerness for Adventure

V = Victory Over Adversity

E = Encouragement in Strife


All rights reserved. Copyright 2015


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