I have five sisters. Their personalities range from very outgoing to introverted. 

  My oldest sister is my “momma” sister. She was the one I tagged along with on her dates. As a preschooler I went along on dates to the dairy bar for ice cream. I sat with her at the piano while she played in church, and I slept next to her at night. We told stories about snow coming in the windows and creating tunnels through the snow. We laughed and dreamed until sleep took us away. 

  My next sister is like Courage the lion. This woman has seen tragedy and came out a winner. She lost her left leg when a driver hit her when she was in high school. She is full of love for one and all. She has a big heart and lives a life as a testament for all. I love her greatly. She ministers to kids in the neighborhood, pulls them in to feed them, trims hair for neighbors who can’t afford a beautician, donates clothes and food to the needy. She is money conscious and budgets wisely.  

  My next sister is one that has talent coming out her fingers. She had a music scholarship out of high school. She has a beautiful voice. She can decorate a house, sew anything, paint murals like a pro, cook great food, I think ideas for decorating just flow from her. She can look at something and ideas flow for craft projects. She is rarely stumped for ideas. 

  My next sister is my best friend. I can tell her anything and she doesn’t judge me, and she can do the same, I won’t judge her.  We have both been there for each other when the other one was down. We have lended an ear, cried together, given to each other whatever the need was. She is outgoing and never meets a stranger. I wish I could be more like her. 

  My last sister is rather quiet when you meet her, but around us she has this crazy sense of humor that makes you laugh. She has a beautiful voice and also has a big heart. All her children have her sense of humor. She lives her beliefs. She is a good mom and a great grandma. We grew up together as the last two girls at home. I wish I lived closer to her. 

When you have sisters like I do, you have friends for life. Why would you need a good friend when you have five awesome sisters?  I have had a few good friends through my life. Some were very good friends. But a sister is that special someone that loves you beyond your faults. A sister laughs with you, cries with you, supports you, and tells you the truth, I am so blessed. 



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