Five Things I Love 

My house is full of all I love. It’s not much, but it’s mine. 

Snickers my hugabug
Snickers my hugabug

My dog, Snickers, a schnauzer, gives me hugs and kisses all day long.  

Zoe and a mole
Zoe and a mole
Zoe, is my rescue dog, part schnauzer, hyper, independent, and plays all day until she drops. 


My newest member of my house is Storm, the rescue cat, he is not yet six-months old and full of vigor. He torments the dogs and they torment him. But, don’t let another dog get near him or his hero, Zoe, will come between the other dog and Storm, the cat. 

Guard dog Bear
Guard dog Bear

My outside dog, Bear, is my rescue dog,  too. He is part Chow and barks at anyone coming near the house. He hunts for his own food, kills possums, and other rodents, but comes for kisses and belly rubs.

Last is my heart, my daughter. She is autistic, 27, and is full of more love than most people can comprehend. She loves crafts, art, sewing, and her family. She gives me a reason to keep going every day. 

My life would also be empty without my extended family. What is life, but God and family. 


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