I started writing a fantasy book in August. It is called Pixie Magic. I have now finished it. I have read through it several times, but I have a lot more work to do. I know I could have worked harder and faster, but the best thing is–It has been finished! 

At the moment there are 43,568 words. That will obviously go up or down as I revise it again. This is book one of a series.  I am ready for proofing, proofing, and more proofing. Next, I need to have it reviewed and printed. 

My sisters have read most of it and they think it is good. But who can believe sisters; they are prejudiced. Ha!  The book reflects my imagination quite well. This just proves anything is possible with words. The hardest part was actually when to start the new chapters. I tried to treat it the same as a paper, but sometimes I got so involved I forgot about chapters. I still have much to do. 

Any suggestions?

Do I need a dedicated website yet?

Would a Facebook page for my books do?

How do you feel about Amazon books?

What is your definition of  Indie books? 



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