Writing too

  Yes I am also, among the millions, that think they can write a book. It’s like my art. Art is an expression of my heart. It doesn’t matter that you always like it. I do it because I can’t help it. I love to create stories out of my imagination. It feels great! 

My first book I wrote was a book of poetry. It is sitting in a desk drawer, unpublished. Someday I may update it with new poetry and publish it. 

My second book I wrote was a Healthy Eating book. I mainly wrote it for my sisters. It was on my heart because diabetics runs in my family, although I don’t have it yet. 

I have also started about four or five other books. They were all fiction. That is the area I enjoy the most. Why you asked? Because there are no stops put on your imagination. Let it go and it can become anything. It is just south fun. 



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