Eve in the Garden 

This is Eve. According to the Bible in Genesis 3:1 the Serpant, who was the shrewdest of all the wild animals, ask the woman, “Did God really say you can’t eat from the fruit from any trees in the garden?

So why would he ask her that when he knew the answer already? He just formed the basis of doubting herself and doubting God’s Word and his goodness. He implied God was stingy and didn’t want to share. He made her question her place in the garden. 

God gave them plenty of blessings, but the serpant made her question it all. Why did God forbid them from eating of the tree? I can imagine her  starting to think about it and doubting God. 

She couldn’t get the thoughts out of her head. Everywhere she looked, everything she did reminded her they couldn’t eat of the tree. Soon, she became discouraged. She started looking at problems, not blessings. 

The next thing the serpant did was cause diversion. She couldn’t get the picture of the luscious fruit out of her head. She started wanting the wrong things. BUT God says obedience and knowing what not to do is real freedom. 

The serpant also made her feel defeated. She felt she had failed. He also wanted to delay Adam and Eve. If he could delay them and get th focused on themselves and forsake God, they would never do what God had planned for them. 

We do the same thing. We start doubting God’s word and his goodness. We spend all our time looking at the problems, which leads to discouragement. We start to feel like failures and quit trying. Then we put off things and they never get done. 

Satan has caused doubt, he filled us with discouragement, then caused a division between us and God, we then feel defeated, and we keep delaying acting. 

Temptation was placed in front of her causing desire for something that was off limits. We sometimes lose sight of the plan God has for our lives. If we really want to become like God, our goal should be to reflect his characteristics and recognize his place in our life. We have to be careful to not leave God out of our plans. If we get discouraged, it spreads like a virus in the wind to those around us. We may not understand Gods plans or the reasons for them, but we must choose obedience. Satan will do anything to defeat us. Center yourself in God. 



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