The Celts

Centuries before the Roman Empire, the Celts occupied Northern Europe. Their religious beliefs were not totally dissolved but were combined with Christianity and incorporated. Most scholars believe the church chose many of its holidays based on previous holidays celebrated in local areas. This allowed everyone in the local areas to worship their forefather’s Gods and declare themselves Christians as well. 

According to World Mythology printed by Parragon in 2011, it is now believed that the peoples of Western Europe gradually adopted the Celtic characteristics. The Celts lived in chiefdoms and extended families.  Even though they were not a huge nationality, they dominated society for around 500 years. They were driven from Europe by the Romans to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and southwest England and even into northern France. 

The view most today have of the Celts as barbarians who performed human sacrifices was perpetrated by the Romans when they conquered them. With no written language and only word of mouth to go by, we have little way of gaining truth. According to World Mythology, archeologist have found evidence of an intelligent, wealthy society. 

The Irish and Welsh did record down local stories in post-Roman times. These records, with the archeologist finds, lead us to many mythological traditions. Including stories of King Arthur’s court and many other romances. 

I find all the beliefs of previous societies and current beliefs fascinating. One specific area of interest of mine is medieval beliefs. The Celts were a powerful intelligent society, but with a disconnected government. This disconnect may have led to their downfall.


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