Fairies are Real

Many people around the globe believe fairies are real. This belief has existed for all our recorded and, according to folklore, unrecorded history. Countries around the world have had similar stories of fairies, yet their cultures vary dramatically.  I personally am not so egotistical to believe humans know everything in this universe. Do fairies exist today? If they do, I have not met one, but if they do, they hide quite well like Bigfoot. 

I enjoy fairy tales because I view them as make believe. Fairies, pixies, gnomes, sprites, mermaids, or brownies possibly existed thousands of years ago, but I can’t imagine our polluted world with them in it. With our constant pollution filtering into the earth, they would have died out. BUT imagine…imagine a world full of the fairy folk. Imagine a world so unlike you have today that it is hard to put to words. It gets my mind moving into thousands of directions at once. Your  imagination is the only thing that prevents you from creating with words a world of your own. 

If you enjoy reading fairy tales, you will enjoy exploring tales from around the world.  If you want a good list of mythical creatures look at http://www.mythicalcreatureslist.com. They have the biggest list I have found in one place. But, back to fairies. 

My book I have written is about fairies and pixies. Thus, I researched many sites to come up with ideas for use in the book. I never knew so many countries had stories about fairies. Most people think of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and even the Isles of Men with stories of fairies, but stories of fairy creatures exist in other countries as well. 

There were more countries than I imagined with fairy stories. Besides Britain–Spain, Germany, and France having many stories of fairies.  Greece joins Portugal, Philippines, Africa, South America, India, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Turkey, Sweden, China, and Japan. Even Hawaii, Alaska, and the Native Americans have stories of fairies. The truth is, it’s hard to find a country that does not have stories of some type of fairy creature.  Check out all the great countries and explore their fairy lore. See what you cando to create a wild story of your own. 

Here is a good list for fairy research. from around the world (http://frankelassociates.com/calithwain/fairies_around_the_world.htm.)

Some websites include:

1. eFairies.com: Fairy Lore (a listing of fey from all over the world): http://www.efairies.com/fairy_lore.htm.

2. The Internet Sacred Text Archive (has all the world’s holy books and many tale collections): http://sacred-texts.com.

3. List of Legendary Creatures (from Wikipedia): http://www.eons.com/uploads/8/4/84540104_List_of%20legendary%20creature-clean.doc 

3. Marie Brennan’s List of Multicultural Fantasy Novelizations: http://www.swantower.com/marie/misc/settings.html.

5. Nin Harris, “The Myths, Folklore and Legends of South East Asia: An Annotated List.” http://www.cabinetdesfees.com/2010/the-myths-folklore-and-legends-of-south-east-asia-an-annotated-list/.

4. Sur La Lune Fairy Tales (online fairy tale collections from all over the world): http://surlalunefairytales.com.



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