Stupid Talk

Tell me about you, he said. 

I replied I’m just an average Jo. 

What do you do?  he said. 

It depends I replied. 

I draw. But on a saw. 

I sew. But I get no dough. 

I sleep. But I don’t reap. 

I eat. But not in the street. 

I cry. But I don’t know why. 

I scream. But only in my dream. 

I laugh. But not at the calf. 

I love. But own no dove. 

I live. But can’t give. 

I buy. But do not know why. 

I lie. But don’t want to die. 

I talk. But I have no chalk. 

I read. But I have no beads. 

I write. But I can’t cite. 

Why do you need to know?

Who are you? 

Just an average Jo.


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